Murphy Wainer Orthopedic Specialists Scoreboard – Week #5

Game ONE of the Week Stream: Grimsley at Southeast Guilford with Don Tilley and Andy Durham.

Game TWO of the Week Stream: Page at Southwest Guilford with Demetri Morrison.

UPDATE 10 – 11:00 PM

Grimsley (4-0) – 35
Southeast Guilford (3-1) – 7

Page (2-2) – 10
Southwest Guilford (2-2) – 7

Northwest Guilford (3-1) – 69
Western Guilford (0-4) – 6

Northeast Guilford (3-1) – 6
Eastern Guilford (1-3) – 38

Ragsdale (1-3) – 38
Northern Guilford (2-2) – 37

Dudley (2-2) – 49
High Point Central (0-4) – 0

Winston-Salem Atkins (1-2) – 13
Smith (1-3) – 20

Southern Guilford (2-2) – 33
Rockingham County (1-3) – 25

High Point Andrews (3-2) – 0
Reidsville (4-1) – 48

Bishop McGuinness (1-4) – 21
Community School of Davidson (3-1) – 68

East Forsyth (4-0) – 37
Winston-Salem Reagan (2-2) – 3

East Surry (5-0) – 55
North Wilkes (3-2) – 17

West Stokes (2-2) – 12
McMichael (4-1) – 17

Providence Grove (4-1) – 21
Ledford (5-0) – 42

North Forsyth (2-2) – 14
Morehead (3-2) – 21

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  • Welp says:

    Well I guess Grimsley is the best in the Triad they beat SE with ease

  • gfan says:

    Sorry I was way off on my score prediction. Finally… respect

  • Fball Fan says:

    @welp not saying they aren’t but it’s about individual matchups on the field. Southeast may beat a team who matches up better than they did with Grimsley.
    I was shocked by the SW/Page game. Ragsdale played better than I anticipated.
    East Forsyth is literally the best team I’ve seen in the state.

  • Page Alum says:

    Page still struggling to find consistent offense…defense is solid tho

  • Just standing around says:

    I’m guessing East Forsyth is the best team in the Triad. Grimsley barely beat Reagan and East Forsyth looks to be beating Reagan with ease. BTW, both of Grimsley’s QB’s are Southeast Guilford products.

  • Page Alum says:

    Yeah East Forsyth is the real deal for sure. Baring injuries I’ll be shocked if EF doesn’t win the state championship for 4A

  • Just wondering says:

    Am I not correct that East Forsyth is an open enrollment school like the Charlotte-Mecklenburg
    schools. So not truly comparative with district enrollment schools. Could this be why these schools seem to easily re-load talent year after year?

  • Smh says:

    Seem like SE can never keep their talent. SE Middle is always good in sports but once they get to high school those kids be all spread out

  • Fball fan says:

    @Just wondering Charlotte-Mecklenburg isn’t open enrollment. They actually have someone new in charge who is cracking down on transfers. East Forsyth on the other hand I believe can get anyone they want.
    And yes, as long as they stay healthy I don’t see anyone beating them. As long as the championships stay in the triad I’m all for it.

  • Hmm says:

    Yea I do believe EF is open enrollment…just imagine if
    GCS had open enrollment

  • Curious says:

    Anyone have the final score for Ragsdale/Northern

  • Gfan says:

    Yes we should just stop playing games and crown EF Champs. Just can’t bring yourself to acknowledge the Whirlies can you. We won tonight without 22. We will give them all they can stand when the time comes

  • regap says:

    last I heard, 37-23 Northern

  • Just wondering says:

    I guess I am just uncomfortable with these high enrollment or open enrollment (including religion affilitated) schools dominating 4A in the current alignment.

  • Hmmm says:

    The reality is everyone is not playing on an even playing field. The schools in the CLT-Meck area are bigger and they have a much larger pool of players to get. EF can get any player they want. Their best WR is from walkertown. They also took Glenn’s best weapon but he’s out for the season and look good they still are. Guilford county does not have enough talent with the amount of schools to compete with the top schools consistently. You also have teams like Catholic that are private and are good every year in 3A or 4A. I expect Grimsley to dominate the metro and expected them to beat SE the way they did. They have some of SE best players. You also have to ask yourself why do these players leave your program. They can’t take them if they don’t want to leave.

  • regap says:

    Ragsdale 38
    Northern 37 FINAL

  • Woahhh says:

    I’m hearing Ragsdale beat Northern 38-37.

  • Just standing around says:

    @Just wondering you do realize that when Grimsley won their state title two seasons ago that team was damn near an all-star team for Guilford County………

  • I was there says:

    SE found themselves in a situation where the offense couldn’t keep up with the defense’s early intensity. Grimsley has athletes all over the field and wore them out. Stephens played a great game against his former school and that backup rb was also a problem. I still think EF is the clear best team in the state, but the whirlies can definitely compete.

  • Welp says:

    Grimsley gets it credit, I guess I should have said best team in Greensboro instead of Triad. EF is the best in the Triad area.

  • ... says:

    I sure hope Grimsley/Dudley schedule each other soon, tired of seeing the players and coaches jaw back n forward.

  • Just standing around says:

    Kids leave schools for a lot of reasons. Some want a title, maybe their skill set isn’t valued at the school, or maybe they just always wanted to attend a certain school. College recruiting is also big in this day and age. I have heard of kids getting noticed when another kid was being presented to teams. All programs aren’t getting video out to teams. That can make a difference.

  • hmm says:

    @Just standing around You do realize that was in the spring and happened before they combined 4A and 4AA right? And yes, it will literally take a guilford county all star team to win it now.

  • Gfan says:

    Whining about transfers…a tale as old as time. It just never gets old. Bring your game up and everyone will want to come to your school. Pretty simple.

  • Just standing around says:

    @hmm, what is your point? They still won with many kids from other schools. That is counter to the impression that was put out that Grimsley was playing with only kids from their district.

  • Just standing around says:

    @Gfan that isn’t necessarily true. Sometimes coaching staffs can run kids away.

  • Be for real says:

    Gfan..let’s not act like Grimsley didn’t have Page starting QB, RB, and DB that state championship year. Just facts.

  • Hmm says:

    @Just standing around I wasn’t defending them. I know they aren’t playing with kids only from their district. If they were they would be one of the worst teams around again.

    Honestly, I expect this year to play out similar to last year.

  • Shocked says:

    Wow huge win for Ragsdale

  • GsoSports2 says:

    GFan getting everyone riled up…troll on my man. You keep this site interesting at least.

  • Just standing around says:

    BTW, in the Grimsley/Southeast game Cam Williams, who many would consider on of the best players in the area, went out early in the game. The score was 14-0 at half. That score might not look the same if he plays the entire game.

  • Just standing around says:

    @hmm, you might be right.

  • Guilford Co. says:

    @Gfan Make sure you’re still around when y’all don’t make it past the third round.

  • Chile please says:

    @just standing around

    THE BEST RB in the area didn’t play either in Mitchell Summers

  • Just standing around says:

    @Chile please, Cam Williams is a multi position player. He also plays offense and defense so “chile please”…………

  • Gfan says:

    I’ll be right here when we will win another state championship just like I have been for the last 10 years. Andy knows

  • Chile please says:

    @just standing around

    Cam Williams is an awesome player. My post said THE BEST RB in the area did not play either in Mitchell Summers. No slight to Cam Williams at all

  • Truth says:

    @Chile please I don’t care about stats because they never tell the entire store but he is not the best Rb in the area respectfully. He’s a good tough runner that doesn’t go down easy but besides that I have to disagree. There’s a few people you can put behind that offensive line on a loaded team that would get off.

  • Just standing around says:

    @Chile please………..??

  • HatersHate says:

    Every year, EVERY school has kids show up. Current starting QB at Dudley was at GHS the last two years. And he’s a damn good player. East Forsyth is starting a DB that began his career at GHS. He’s a damn good player as well. Get over the transfer stuff. Every school has guys show up and it happens to everyone all the time.

    Coaching matters. I just so happen to believe that the Grimsley staff is top notch. They aren’t perfect. They are human. But when they were at SG, they won there as well. No, they didn’t win a state title, but they won there. They took over Grimsley when it was a cellar dweller. Success didn’t happen over night. It has been built with hard work. Football and basketball get a lot of attention regarding transfers because they are high profile sports. But if you look around at ALL sports, you’ll see transfers everywhere.

  • Just standing around says:

    @Chile please, that was supposed to be a thumbs up emoji.

  • Just curious says:

    @Child please how many good players have the luxury of saying my team can put up 35 points on an undefeated SE team without me?
    When you defend Grimsley the first thing you have to worry about is the WRs on the outside and the big TE. On top of the fact they already have the advantage with their offensive line which is probably the best in the area.
    Southeast coach when interviewed prior to the game didn’t even mention any of your rbs. He talked about the trying to slow down the wrs and how Grimsley’s line does a great job at blocking for everyone.

  • C/ me says:

    Cameron does a lot for southeast and is a all around player , when he left the game it was 7/0 not 14/ 0 , and he would have made it interesting . He is a Division 1player for reason . Don’t compare kid that plays one position to a kid that plays all possessions at a high level

  • Now now says:

    Best RB in the area is RJ Baker at Dudley

  • MRSA says:

    Who cares.

  • Facts says:

    You know this site just post stats and people get to hung up on just stats alone. The truth is any decent Rb can get 100-200 a night on that team and any of them can be replaced without the team missing a beat. Put them on another team and this wouldn’t even be a conversation.

  • DudleyReject's Dad says:

    I remember during the Roscoe years all the Dudley 2nd & 3rd stringers transferring to NG. Dads wanted their kids to play where the kid could showcase his talent and be coached properly. No different than what’s been going on for years in GCS. Everyone called it cheating back then. When Roscoe left, the transfers stopped at NG. Funny story though. TJ Logan was cut in the 7th grade by the NG Middle school FB coach.

  • Newlin Fan says:

    Western Guilford SCORED!!!!

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