Local High Schools Get Access to AI-Automated Analytics as Pixellot Named NFHS “Official Video Analytics Partner”

Pixellot Named “Official Video Analytics Partner” of the NFHS

INDIANAPOLIS, IN — The National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS) and Pixellot have agreed to a multi-year partnership, making the world’s leading provider of AI-Automated™ sports video and analytics solutions the official video analytics partner of the NFHS.

As part of the partnership, the NFHS and its member schools will receive special terms and access to VidSwap, Pixellot’s analytics platform. Through the platform, coaches at participating member schools can view detailed game stats, video, highlights, in-depth analytics, and full video breakdowns, including shot charts and heatmaps.

“Pixellot’s innovation is helping to revolutionize high school sports for coaches,” said NFHS CEO Dr. Karissa Niehoff. “The VidSwap analytics platform allows coaches to use their time more efficiently, leading to improved player development and assistance for our student-athletes looking to benefit from the lessons learned through participation in education-based activities.”

In addition to the time-saving functionality of VidSwap, the Pixellot platform provides high school coaches the opportunity to experience technology used by professional and collegiate teams. As a result, student-athletes nationwide can receive increased visibility.

“Becoming the official video analytics partner of the NFHS aligns perfectly with our mission to democratize sports and transform high school coaching and talent development,” said David Shapiro, Pixellot President North America. “Players don’t have to wait to be discovered anymore as our technology helps to identify talented individuals, as well as improve how they play their chosen sport.”

As part of the agreement, schools in NFHS member state associations receive access to Pixellot Air, an integrated mobile solution that captures, reviews and analyzes video. The lightweight, portable device features a dual camera array and direct cloud uploading that can easily and quickly be set up to capture up to 12 hours of footage.

Currently, Pixellot cameras are in place at almost 9,000 high schools affiliated with the NFHS Network.

The NFHS and Pixellot will be hosting a joint webinar at 12:30 p.m. EST on October 6 to explain how their partnership benefits districts, schools, athletic directors and coaches nationwide. You can register here.


About the National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS)

The NFHS, based in Indianapolis, Indiana, is the national leadership organization for high school sports and performing arts activities. Since 1920, the NFHS has led the development of education-based interscholastic sports and performing arts activities that help students succeed in their lives. The NFHS sets direction for the future by building awareness and support, improving the participation experience, establishing consistent standards and rules for competition, and helping those who oversee high school sports and activities. The NFHS writes playing rules for 17 sports for boys and girls at the high school level. Through its 50 member state associations and the District of Columbia, the NFHS reaches more than 19,500 high schools and 12 million participants in high school activity programs, including more than 7.6 million in high school sports. As the recognized national authority on interscholastic activity programs, the NFHS conducts national meetings; sanctions interstate events; offers online publications and services for high school coaches and officials; sponsors professional organizations for high school coaches, officials, speech and debate coaches, and music adjudicators; offers online education courses for coaches, administrators, students, officials, performing arts educators, parents and others; and serves as a national information resource of interscholastic athletics and activities. For more information, visit the NFHS website at www.nfhs.org.

About Pixellot

Founded in 2013, Pixellot is the world’s largest producer of live sports content. Pixellot pioneered the concept of automated sports production solutions as an affordable alternative to traditional video capture, production, and distribution systems for professional and semi-professional sports events. In 2019, Pixellot acquired VidSwap, a leading sports analytics platform serving thousands of teams. Fully integrated into Pixellot solutions, VidSwap saves coaches time and enables them to improve team performance through game breakdown analysis, in-depth stats, shot charts, and heatmaps. Pixellot’s AI-Automated technology solutions streamline production workflow by fully automating live sports capture, distribution, and production of over 150,000 games per month from +70 countries across the globe.

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