Friday Night Finish:Three Weeks into the Conference Races and Tonight, FOX 8 is reporting, Final:Western Guilford 27, Page 21(Now hearing Page Wins, 10-7)

Again sorry for any confusion, but FOX 8 and the News and Record both have the score as Western Guilford 27, Page 21, and we just thought we had seen one of the biggest upsets in the county, but word out now that Page wins, 10-7, over Western Guilford…Sort of hard to call the coaches at 1:30am for confirmation, but I am glad we got this cleared up…This is almost like having a late night call-in sports show, and someone has called in the Upset Win by Western over Page, but no, Page survives, 10-7….
(Do we have any of those that witnessed this game??? Did WG have a chance, did Page win it on a late Field Goal???
Give us some background on how Page pulled out this 10-7 Friday Night Finish…Didn’t Page slip past Southwest Guilford, 10-7 earlier in the season???)
Info on the Page win over Western Guilford, courtesy of Coach Baldwin from Page:
Tim Patterson-2 INTs
Jackson Hester-1 INT
DJ Southerland-1 INT
Host of other players that had great games defensively tonight…Paul Thompson, Alex Jones and others…
(Thanks to Coach Baldwin for sending us that game info.)

Is this for real??? Western Guilford 27, Page 21
We are hearing this was not the score….Not for real, the score was bogus…
We are now hearing Page was the Winner over Western Guilford 10-7…
I am sure Page is glad and very happy to survive with the win….Tight ball game as one poster has said, but like they also said, a win is a win, is a win….

This is the score that the FOX 8 scoreboard was reporting…If this was for real, this would be one of the biggest upsets in Guilford County High School Football History…Same score, Western Guilford 27, Page 21 being reported at the N&R site…

Western Guilford 27, Page 21, can anyone verify…Only saw this score, at the FOX 8 site…Not at,, HS OT at, or at other sites…Next move will be to go to Twitter and check it out there…Not there on Twitter, but now listed on two sites…FOX 8 and N&R….

More on the Friday Night Football Finish, on the way…

Here is the link to the FOX 8 site, where I found this score….CLICK HERE

Again, this would have been one of the Biggest Upsets in Guilford County High School Football History…..

But we are now hearing Page wins the game, 10-7…Sorry for any confusion, but we were just reporting what we saw over at FOX 8 and at the News and Record…Good thing we have editing….

I am writing and blogging this news as we go along, and we carry on here at 1:45 in the morning…

Back to our Metro 4-A Conference Standings
Still looks like Grimsley and the others…
Northwest Guilford(5-2/3-1)
Southeast Guilford(5-2/2-2)
Southwest Guilford(4-3/2-2)
Northern Guilford(3-4/1-3)
Western Guilford(0-7/0-4)
**********Games coming up next week:**********
Southwest Guilford at Grimsley
Northwest Guilford at Ragsdale
Page at Northern Guilford
Southeast Guilford at Western Guilford

Mid-State 3-A
Southern Guilford(5-2/4-0)
Eastern Guilford(4-3/4-0)
Northeast Guilford(4-3)
High Point Central(1-6/1-3)
**********Games coming up next week:**********
Southern Guilford at Eastern Guilford
Rockingham County at Dudley
WS Atkins at Northeast Guilford
High Point Central at Smith

Mid-State 2-A
High Point Andrews(4-4/1-3)
Next Week:High Point Andrews at Morehead

More on the Northwest win over Northern Guilford on Friday night…..
8:16 First Quarter Mike Godette 7 yard TD run…PAT pass with Tanner Ballou to Trent Cloud 8-0 Northwest Guilford
0:32 First Quarter Godette 11 yard TD run…Ballou run…16-0 NWG
5:41 Second Quarter Ryan Debow 13 yard TD pass from Ballou…Nate Wallace PAT Kick is good…NWG 23-0
0:43 Second Quarter Bobby Nally 6 yard pass from Alexander Marsh…PAT kick fails…NWG 23-6
0:34 Second Quarter Cloud 64 yard pass from Ballou..PAT pass Ballou to Cloud NWG 31-6
6:04 Third Quarter Reggie King 21 yard TD pass from Marsh…PAT Kick by Flippen is good NWG 31-13
2:19 Third Quarter Godette 16 yard TD run..Wallace PAT kick is good NWG 38-13
Fourth Quarter Conner Balton 5 yard TD pass from Ballou…Wallace Kick is good NWG 45-13
7:21 Fourth Quarter Prince Brown 30 yard TD pass from Ballou…Wallace kick is good NWG 52-13
4:42 Fourth Quarter Cohen Muse 4 yard TD run…Flippen Kick is good NWG 52-20

NWG-Mike Godette 21 carries for 166 yards and 3 TD’s…Stewart Spagnolo 11 carries for 68 yards…
Tanner Ballou 10-24 for 271 yards with 4 TD’s/2 INT.
Trent Cloud 4 receptions for 162 yards and 2 TD’s
Prince Brown 2 receptions for 38 yards

NG-Jaden McInnis 15 carries for 45 yards…Bobby Nally 9 carries for 37 yards…Muse 6 carries for 44 yards/TD
Alexander Marsh 10-24 for 133 yards
Jaden Hairston 1 reception for 33 yards…