Caldwell Academy Swim meet held at Salem Academy on Tuesday January 10


**********MEN FINISH 1ST WOMEN FINISH 3RD**********

Results from swim meet held at Salem Academy
swim meet on January 10, 2023.


Forsyth Counry Day School 211 pts
Greensboro Day School 180 pts
Caldwell Academy 81 pts
Calvary Day School 73.50 pts
Summit School 66.50 pts
Westchester Country Day 36 pts
Salem Academy 10 pts
Burlington Christian Academy 2 pts


Caldwell Academy 181 pts
Forsyth Country Day School 177 pts
Greensboro Day School 129 pts
Calvary Day School 96 pts
Burlington Christian Academy 69 pts
Westchester Country Day 44 pts
Summit School 15 pts

Listing Caldwell Swimmer’s who scored points.

Anna Kate Wilson, Ayden Walsh, Riley Ramseur,
Anna Grace Reynolds

MENs 200 YD MEDLEY RELAY– 1st place
Kieran Mohorn, John Ramos, Nick Brooks,
Noah Ramos

WOMENS 200 YD FREE– 4th place Anna Grace
Reynolds,,7th place Anna Kate Wilson

MENS 200 YD FREE– 2nd place Nick Brooks,
6th place Zack Hall,

MENS 200 YD IM– 1st place Noah Ramos

WOMENS 50 YD FREE– 11th place Ayden Walsh
MENS 50 YD FREE– 1st place John Ramos, 5th place
Jonathon Reynolds,,6th place Freddy Ortmann

MENS 100 YD FLY – 1st place Noah Ramos,, 3rd place
Nick Brooks, 4th place Riley Parsons

WOMENS 100 YD FREE– 1st place Riley Ramseur
MENS 100 YD FREE– 5th place Kieran Mohorn,\
11th place Freddy Ortmann, 12th place Bill Hall

WOMENS 500 YD FREE– 3rd place Anna Grace

WOMENS 200 YD FREE RELAY– 5th place, Anna Kate
Wilson, Sally Wang, Sidney Sydell, Anna Grace
MENS 200 YD FREE RELAY 1st place, Riley Parsons,
Jonathon Reynolds, Freddy Ortmann, Noah Ramos

WOMENS 100 YD BACK– 1st place Riley Ramseur,
5th place Anna Kate Wilson, 10th place Sidney Sydell
MENS 100YD BACK– 2nd place Kieran Mohorn,
3rd place Zack Hall, 6th place Riley Parsons,

WOMENS 100 YD BREAST– 7th place Ayden Walsh
MENS 100 YD BREAST 1st place John Ramos

MENS 400 YD FREE RELAY 1st place, Kieran Mohorn
Zack Hall, Nick Brooks, John Ramos

Next Swim Meet January 18, vs GDS at the GAC

Courtesy of Bob Black, Big Supporter and Big Booster of Caldwell Academy Eagles Athletics

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