Patrick Mahomes promises to drink beer out of somebody’s boots, if KC Chiefs win the Super Bowl

Patrick Mahomes makes strange promise to Cooper Manning if Chiefs win Super Bowl
from Adam Gretz, with

Patrick Mahomes would be so excited to win Super Bowl LVII that he promised Cooper Manning that he will drink Coors Light out of his boots if the Kansas City Chiefs beat the Philadelphia Eagles on Sunday.

Mahomes made that bizarre promise during Monday’s Super Bowl media day event while being interviewed by Manning, the older brother of Super Bowl winning quarterbacks Peyton and Eli Manning.

The discussion quickly turned to Manning’s cowboy boots when he made a quip about filling them up with beer and drinking from them.

At that point Mahomes said that will be their post-Super Bowl plan if the Chiefs win.

Manning will bring the boots and they will drink Coors Light out of them.

Mahomes specified that it had to be Coors Light, and that Manning also had to make sure his socks were clean before they drank the beer.

You can watch their entire exchange here.

What a way to celebrate!