Guilford County Middle School Basketball Champions:Northern Guilford girls and Southwest Guilford boys Take the Titles(Leena Mcfield with 35 pts. leads Nighthawks/SWG gets 18 big points from Graves)

Finals from Monday afternoon/Monday evening at Eastern Guilford Middle School:
Northern Guilford girls 46, Eastern Guilford 42 OT
**********Northern Guilford Girls 2023 Guilford County Middle School Basketball Champions*********

If you live in Guilford County for a long time, you won’t see any games better than this one…Northern takes the Title, and the NG Nighthawks trailed 22-21 at Halftime, but it was not due to a lack of effort on the part of NG’s Leena Mcfield…NG had 21 points at halftime, and all of the ‘Hawks 21 points came from Mcfield…In the second half, Mcfield and Northern got a big boost from Caroline Morris, who hit three big 3’s for NG…End of regulation, Kylie Herbin hit two huge free throws for EG, to send the game into Overtime…

Every time you thought Eastern Guilford was gone, the Lady ‘Cats kept coming back…It was nearly amazing…NG could not take a lead in the first half, but the ‘Hawks took charge in the second half….Mcfield with 21 first half points, and 14 in the second half, for a total of 35…We have seen some really good girls middle school basketball players over the years, with Cayla King, Diamond Monroe, Mariah Frazier, Hattie Sloyan and others, but Leena Mcfield might be the best girls middle school basketball player to come through Guilford County….Mcfield played the entire game, did not sit out one minute, and she committed NO Fouls…Hard to do, play the entire ballgame, and not one foul on you, at all…That is really something….

Yes, and EG got a super effort from Mauri Jerman, Kylie Herbin, and the big girl Naveah Faust…EG had those two huge free throws late in regulation by Herbin, and then she got fouled last in the OT session, and hit two-of-three free throws in that sequence…This game just had so much going on…Leena Mcfield was at the line with a chance to seal it late in the game, and she missed the front end of the one-and-one, and the missed shot came out to Northern, but Eastern called timeout, without possession, and the officials awarded the Lady ‘Cats the timeout…This game just had so much going on…It was one of the best Girls Middle School basketball games in Guilford County history…..

If you want to go back to this one, just CLICK HERE, and you can listen back to the game and our postgame interviews with winning coach Franklin from NG, and from Northern’s Leena Mcfield….They, Northern and Eastern girls all did such a good job, giving us a great ballgame this afternoon…

Game Breakdown…End of First Quarter:Eastern Guilford 17, Northern Guilford 13….Halftime:EG 22, NG 21…End of Third Quarter:NG 31, EG 27…End of Regulation:EG 37, NG 37…Final:NG 46, EG 42 Overtime….
NG Scoring:Leena Mcfield 35 points, Caroline Morris 9, Abigail Malcolm 2
EG Scoring:Mauri Jerman 15 points, Kylie Herbin 15, Naveah Faust 8, Avery Brown 2, Kayla Chrisp 2
**********To get a good feel how for good this game really was, give it a listen now, at GreensboroSports Radio…The boys and girls games are playing back now, at
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Boys Final from Eastern Guilford Middle School:
Southwest Guilford boys 48, Northeast Guilford 42
**********Southwest Guilford Boys 2023 Guilford County Middle School Basketball Champions**********
The boys game was just about as good as the girls Overtime game was…The girls final was 46-42, and the boys final was 48-42…Those scores pretty darn close….NEG led boys early, but SWG would not stand back and watch, the Cowboys got running, and there was a lot of running, a lot action around the rim, and some of the best defensive hustle that you will ever see…We gave you Graves, Gatling and Howze as three key names from SWG going into the game, and those three did not disappoint…Graves with 18 points, Gatling with 11, and Howze with 6, and those were your SWG leaders…Excellent support from Price with 5 points, Aggison with 4, and York with 4…

Game Reset:
End of First Quarter:SWG 9, NEG 7…Halftime:SWG 27, NEG 16…End of Third Quarter:SWG 39, NEG 31…Final:SWG 48, NEG 42
SWG Scoring:Graves 18 points, Gatling 11, Howze 6, Price 5, Aggison 4, York 4…Gatling and Graves with three 3’s each, and Price had one 3…Graves with 7 big Free Throws for the SWG Cowboys…
NEG Scoring:Morrison 14 points, McLeod 10, Little 8, Campbell 6, Foster 4….Campbell with two 3’s….

The pace of this boys game was back and forth, and SWG could never run off and leave NEG….NEG fought back in the second half with Elijah Little having several key drives to the bucket that he converted to two’s….Quamari McLeod and Jayden Morrison were real tough for NEG in the lane, and around the basket, there in the tough part of the paint…Zorian Campbell and Brennan Foster gave NEG a constant boost, with their outside game…Those five were the NEG Rams’ scorers…McLeod, Morrison, Campbell, Foster, and Little….

But, whenever NEG began to close the gap, Southwest Guilford went to work with Gatling and Graves, taking over out front for the Cowboys and they would they give the Rams some rope, but they would not let NEG take it away…Just a little bit of hope and rope, but NEG could never grab the lead and pull away…SWG did grab that lead, and they would not give it away…SWG, a very disciplined and well-oiled machine running that Guy Shavers-inspired offense and defense…Gatling, Graves, Price, Howze, Aggison, and York showed they have a very “special” chemistry about them, and they moved the ball so good late in the game, that Northeast could only sit back and wait to foul SWG, because that is the only way the Rams would get ball back…

Those Cowboys I mentioned really did work so well together…They were an Undefeated team…(16-0), and people always say, Nobody’s Perfect, but these guys were…No loses and the Guilford County Champions…..SWG video interviews will be up here on the site, later on tonight….Audio from the Boys Game playing back now, at GreensboroSports Radio…Again, CLICK HERE for GreensboroSports Radio…
CLICK BELOW for our video interview with SWG Cowboys head coach, Joey McGinnis…

Next up we have Graves and Gatling from the SWG boys team, with young Mr. Graves taking the microphone first…
CLICK BELOW for the Cowboys’ Graves and his video interview…

Now it is Gatling’s turn to take the Center Stage…He is telling us about this game, and what it means to be a Southwest Guilford Cowboy…Lots of love and respect among the SWG Cowboy team, teammates, coaches, fans, friends, and followers…
CLICK BELOW for the video show, on the go….

As SWG closed this out, the looks on their faces were nothing but smiles….And they had a right to be showing that facial expression, but really no need for NEG to hang their heads, the Rams had a great season too…Congrats to both of these teams, and look forward to seeing what they will do, when they move up to their JV and Varsity teams, in the future….

A great night for basketball, at the Eastern Guilford Middle School tonight, where the Southwest Guilford Cowboys and the Northern Guilford Nighthawks, were crowned Guilford County Champions….

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