High School Football Saturday Morning Rewind and the Time Is Now, to “Hurry Up and Wait”:::We wait with baited-breath on the NCHSAA Football Playoff Brackets

1 O’Clock, 2 O’Clock, 3 O’Clock, 4, keep looking for the Brackets, we want MORE….We want those 2023 NCHSAA Football Playoff Brackets from the NCHSAA…But when will we see them??? Maybe some preliminary brackets around 3pm, but the Final Brackets may not be coming our way until after 4pm today, so Stay Tuned…”The Bracket Man/Woman”, Hero of our Nation, for their information, Stay Tuned to this station…

1 O’Clock, 2 O’Clock, 3 O’Clock, ROCK, 4 O’Clock, 5 O’Clock, 6 O’Clock, ROCK, all we can do is sit back and rock the day away, until we see the light at the end of the NCHSAA Tunnel, and then when we see the light, the Brackets will be right there in our clear viewpoint….Did that guy just say clear??? That is what the police said the other day when they entered my cubicle at the office…..

From our leaders in Raleigh, at the HS OT and WRALSportsFan.com:
The N.C. High School Athletic Association will release the official football state playoff brackets on Saturday, but the process could take some time.

Seeding Saturday will happen in phases, but by Saturday afternoon, football teams in North Carolina will know if they made the playoffs or not, and where they will be playing in the first round.

GOOD LUCK to us today!!!!!

From back on Friday night, go ahead and CLICK HERE to hear the Dudley-Eastern Guilford football game with Don Tilley, Nile Harris, Coach Steven Davis, Coach Tim Bagamary, and a cast of players, and then the thousands of fans in the background…And somewhere laying in the shadows, you will find your local trusted radio announcer for the evening, Woody Durham Jr./Bob Harris III, or maybe Jim Pritchett IV…I don’t know for sure, but those guys are there, lurking in the distance…Same click will set you up for Demetri Morrison with Northwest Guilford at Southwest Guilford on GreensboroSports Radio 2….ESPN 2 eat your heart out fellas…
You can also CLICK HERE and get the Friday Football Finish from Freddy Farkle and Frankie Finkle…They have been with us since day one, but we have been keeping them under the wraps with anticipation of an early Easter/Christmas/Thanksgiving…

To the BatPhone…

CLICK HERE for the Friday Football Fever Crew, with Amanda Ferguson, Jaylen Gilkey, Chad Silber, Sydney Moore and Tim Buckley, as they were bucking the trend, and came on first last night, since FOX 8 had the the Texas Rangers and Arizona Diamondbacks going extra innings…News 2 was on the scene with the big games featuring Randleman-ER, East-West Forsyth, Dudley at Eastern Guilford, and others…

Now for the Friday Football Frenzy and they had to wait their turn this week, as the baseball game ran long, but here we come with Danny Harnden, Kevin Connolly, and Clara Goodwin…Clara joined the set a little later in the broadcast, but always good and All Good, when Ms. Goodwin joins Kevin and Danny…
CLICK HERE for the Frenzy…

Now here come Da, here come Da, here come Da the High School Football Playbook with John Johnson, at WXII TV 12 and his assistants who I really do not know from Adam’s housecat, and SORRY, but that is my full disclosure…CLICK HERE for Part I Week 11 Playbook, and if the coach finds out you have lost your Playbook, he will send Cameron Kent over to your place of residence to “Rough You Up”….
CLICK HERE for Part II of The Playbook…

Here’s hoping there will be early Christmas Cards coming my way this year from the above entities, as we have surely given them their Props this high school football season, but brothers and sisters, I am not holding my breath….

More on The Rewind…

Ole Ange and his PICKS from Friday night:
(How did the dude do?)
High Point Central-Winner
Northeast Guilford-Winner
High Point Christian-Loser
Bishop McGuinness-Loser
Northwest Guilford-Winner
Western Guilford-Loser
High Point Andrews-Winner
East Forsyth-Winner
Southern Alamance-Winner
Rockingham County-Winner
Burlington Cummings-Winner
(So Ole Ange goes 12-4 this week and he his now at 587-37 for the season. Or something like that.)

More on the way, on THE REWIND…

To see MORE about the NCHSAA Football Seeding Process, CLICK HERE….

You can get a taste of some of their Football Playoff Projections, when you CLICK HERE

HS OT on the Dudley-EG game and they called it a rout, but I did not see this game as a Rout….
CLICK HERE for the word up….

Time now to hit the pause button, as we await the Football Brackets…Don’t know of much more that we can print now, as it is just time to, “Sit Back and Wait”, or to ‘Hurry Up and Wait’….

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  1. Dudley had 2 maybe 3 TDs called back for flags, Plus that failed 4th down at the 1 yard line, that’s another TD missed. You talking about 14 to 28pts off the board. Eastern didn’t really move the ball. Never drove to Dudley’s Red Zone the whole night. Their only score came from a dropped punt deep in Dudley’s Red Zone Area. That score could have easy been 49 to 3 or 55-3. Dudley had many passes dropped too.

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