North Carolina Baseball Academy High School Baseball and Softball Tonight Scoreboard with Playoff Action coming in from Bethany Community School and from Northwest Guilford HS(Ragsdale Tigers BIG Baseball Road Win)

Softball Finals as we hit the Friday trail to Bethany Community School first, where we had wind, rain, and then some super sunshine…Wished it could have been a better day for the Bethany Community School Lady Wolves, but they fall in Round Two of the NCHSAA 1-A West Softball Playoffs to the Cardinals from Union Academy…Union Academy, the Defending 1-A State Champions, and the Cardinals with their outstanding sophomore pitcher on the mound, take down the Lady Wovles from Bethany Community School, 7-0…Union Academy, from down in Union County, down below Charlotte, and near Monroe, N.C.

Union Academy moves on to Round Three of the NCHSAA West 1-A Playoffs, and good to see BCS Wolves AD Rusty Lee today, and also good to see their basketball coach, and a good friend of the site, Brandon Cannon….Also at Bethany Community School is their baseball coach, and long-time local youth baseball leader, Buddy Walker…

Final Score again from BCS, their in Rockingham County:Union Academy 7, Bethany Community School 0

Leaving out of just across the border into Rockhingham County, we make our way back across Highway 158 and onto 220 going South, and find Highway 73 and hightail it to Northwest Guilford High School, home of the Vikings and their top tier NWG Softball team, led today/this afternoon by their All-State and Appalachian State-bound pitcher, Bel Varadi…Bel, will tell her story today to the tune of another Northwest Guilford victory, over a very aggressivie and super-tough West Forsyth team…

Bel and her Belles had a lead when I walked in, and they still had that lead when I walked out….Northwest Guilford has punched their ticket, and the Lady Vikings will move on to Round Three of the NCHSAA 4-A Baseball playoffs, and the Vikes with Varadi, will be back home for Round Three next Tuesday night…

We saw the Viking ship set sail, and this game was tighter the W.W. Dick’s hatband…W.W. Dick lived up there/out there on Old Oak Ridge Road for probably 70-plus years and his home place still sits there today…He did wear a hat, and back in the day, every classic styled man’s hat had a Hatband to set it off, and those hatbands were laid out tight across those men’s hats…

And the game, the game, the game, was it tight tonight??? YES!!!!! When we arrrived after the drive over from Bethany Community School, in Rockingham County, the score on the NWG Vikings-West Forsyth Titans game was, NWG 2, West Forsyth Titans 0…

NWG held on to that 2-0 lead until West got a one-out Double from Syd/Sydney in the Top of the Fifth West Forsyth at-bat, and that was that, this game was no longer moving flat, if anything, now were headed to a potential flat-liner in Carolina…

Tight, Friday night, out-of-sight, with a Case of Dynomite, and we were on an 8:10 flight…Time to get it finished if you were the Lady Vikings, and that is exactly what the Vikes did…End of the Fifth Inning and we have a one-run lead for Bel and her Belles, and they had to find the West Water Supply, and shut it off Tightly, because it was time to Ring the Bel, and that means it was “Viking Time”, and that means it was time to Tightly Turn Back the Titans….

Turn back the Titans, and that is what the NWG Vikings did…Did not see another West Forsyth Titan runner reach third base, after Sydney scored in the Top of the Fifth…Bel and the Belles had a story to tell, and if that meant shutting of the Titans Well, and their run supply, well so be it, it was time to Climb Rocky Top and as the old saying goes, “Get er done”….

When this game was done, the Vikings had won, 2-1….A 2-1 victory for the Vikes, as Bel and her Belles gave up that ONE RUN and no more would score for the WF Titans….More key contriubutors for NWG in Friday’s win:Haylea Huffines, Ella Best, Jenna Copeland, Nevaeh Scott, MacKenzie Groce, Leyna Hirko, and any other key names we might be leaving out, let us know at….Head coach Alex Phillips, assistant coaches:Aldine Payne and Allen Black

My/Our Crew:Me, Myself, and I got there in the fourth, arriving after our earlier foray into Rockingham County, at the Bethany Community School, and in the Middle of the Fourth, NWG led West, 2-0…End of the 4th, it was NWG 2, West 0…Top Fifth West scores and the scores sits at NWG 2, West 1…End of Fifth, NWG 2, West 1…Top Sixth NWG 2, West 1…End of Sixth, NWG 2, West 1….Top 7th, NWG 2, West 1…Final Score:NWG 2, West Forsyth 1
NWG(25-2)/West Forsyth(24-4)

Northwest Guilford Vikings on to Round Three of the NCHSAA 4-A Playoffs, next Tuesday night and at home with first pitch from Bel, backed by her backup band “The Belles”, coming in at 6pm….
#5 WS Reagan(22-4) at #4 Northwest Guilford(25-2)

Other scores and let’s move into the Guilford County Area Baseball Playoffs:
Fourth Inning:Ragsdale 6, Hopewell 0….The Final Score has rolled in and the news is real good…Final Score:Ragsdale 9, Hopewell 1
Next Up for the Ragsdale Tigers:#9 Ragsdale(19-6) at #1 TC Roberson(22-4) Next Tuesday…..

In progress:Southeast Guilford at West Forsyth….Update crew doing the do…Final Score:West Forsyth 3, Southeast Guilford 1
6th Inning:Morehead 3, Maiden 0…Final Score:Morehead 3, Maiden 1
Final:Burns 10, McMichael 0
Final:Randleman 13, Wheatmore 3
In progress:Tuscola at Rockingham County…Final:Tuscola 4, Rockingham County 2

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