Wednesday Afternoon Greensboro Grasshoppers Baseball Report brought to us by Mike Causey for North Carolina Insurance Commissioner: Hoppers down by 4(4-0) come back get the Tying Score, and WIN over IronBirds in 10, 6-5 Final at Aberdeen

Wednesday Afternoon Greensboro Grasshoppers Baseball Report
brought to us by Mike Causey for North Carolina Insurance Commissioner…..

Final Score, from Wednesday afternoon, in Aberdeen, Maryland:
Greensboro Grasshoppers 6, Aberdeen IronBirds 5…10 Innings…
WP:Darvin Garcia(2-2)
LP:Graham Firoved(0-5)
SV:Cy Nielson(5)

Hoppers' Line-6-5-1
Birds' Line-  5-9-1

Greensboro Grasshoppers(49-28/10-2)
Aberdeen IronBirds(41-37/7-5)

Grasshoppers now at (18-3) over the past three and a-half weeks…Hoppers were down 4-0 on Wednesday afternoon, and Greensboro posted two runs in the third inning, and two more in the eighth inning, to tie the game up at 4-4, and when they go into extra innings, the Grasshoppers grab their winnings, and are heading HOME with that 6-5 finishing score, in 10 innings…Hoppers took what looked to be a controlling lead of 6-4, in the tenth inning, but the Aberdeen IronBirds made it a close call, before Hoppers’ closer Cy Nielson was able to close them out….

And you talk about getting real interesting, this game got real interesting, when it was all tied up in the Bottom of the Ninth Inning, and the Aberdeen IronBirds made some moves, but the Hoppers were able to hold the Birds Back…See how it went, it did get Interesting….Aberdeen was making a scene
Bottom 9th
Douglas Hodo III hits a ground-rule double on a fly ball to left-center field.(The Birds get the Winning Run to second base, with nobody out…

Jalen Vasquez walks.)Two men for the Birds on with runners at first and at second base, with Nobody out)…
Douglas Hodo III caught stealing 3rd base, catcher Geovanny Planchart to shortstop Termarr Johnson. 2 outs

Noelberth Romero flies out to center fielder Hudson Head. 2 outs

Enrique Bradfield Jr. grounds out softly, third baseman Jack Brannigan to first baseman Josiah Sightler. 3 outs

The Hoppers get the two runs they need in the Top of the Tenth Inning, and they end up Winning…..
Top 10th
Jack Brannigan hits a sacrifice bunt. Termarr Johnson scores. Mitch Jebb to 3rd. Jack Brannigan to 1st. Throwing error by third baseman Mac Horvath.

Josiah Sightler walks. Mitch Jebb scores. Jack Brannigan to 3rd. Hudson Head to 2nd.

The Hoppers take the road series at Aberdeen, 3-0, and they came out of Lakewood, New Jersey earlier in the week, and Greensboro bested Jersey Shore, 5-1, so not a bad Road Trip at all, for the local team/boys…

Hoppers’ Hitters on Wednesday:The Hoppers had five hits total, and you had five different players with each one coming up with a single, and there were NO extra-base hits for the Hoppers, but this is how she went….Mitch Jebb who has been a force for the Hops on the road goes 1-2/3 BBs/3 Runs/2 SBs…Nick Cimillo 1-3/2 BBs/Run/RBI…Termarr Johnson 1-3/2 BBs/2 Runs/SB…Hudson Head 1-3/BB/RBI…Jack Brannigan 1-4/RBI…Josiah Sightler 0-4/BB/2 RBI…Geovanny Planchart 0-4/BB…

Greensboro Grasshoppers’ starting pitcher Derek Diamond went five innings, and he gave up 4 runs, on 7 hits, with 3 BB/3 Ks and he served up a home run to Aberdeen’s DH Noelberth Romero…2 Run HR…
The Hoppers’ Winning Pitcher Darvin Garcia goes 2 Innings, and allows 0 Runs, on 2 Hits, with 1 BB/1 K…The man who got the Save, Cy Nielson, worked 1 Inning(the 10th), and he gave up a Run, on 0 Hits, with 0 BB/1 K…

We mentioned that home run by Romero for Aberdeen, he went overall, 1-4/HR/2 RBI…As a team, the Aberdeen IronBirds collected 9 hits, and their top hitter per hits on the day was, Creed Willems…Williams goes 3-4/Run…The Birds’ Tavian Josenberger went 1-4/Double, plus Jalen Vasquez was 1-3/Double/BB/Run/2 RBI…Douglas Hodo III got busy for Aberdeen going 1-3/BB/Run…

The Birds’ pitching staff was able to strike out 11 Hoppers on the afternoon, but the Grasshoppers pretty much nearly returned the favor, as the IronBirds ended up walking 10 Hopper batters…

Nice win/victory, as the Hoppers now head back home, for the Fourth of July, at First National Bank Field…

Wednesday Game Particulars:
Time of Game-2:45
Game Time Temp-82 Degrees

Up Next:
Aberdeen IronBirds(41-37/7-5) at the Greensboro Grasshoppers(49-28/10-2) on Thursday night at First National Bank Field, with the first pitch coming in at 6:30pm, and there will be Fourth of July Fireworks on this special Thirsty Thursday night baseball game…

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