Leaving an indelible mark: Born on the Fourth of July, let’s remember our coaches/leaders on this day(Coach Slayton, Coach Kirby, Coach Siler, Coach Henderson, Coach Kemp, Coach Grayson, Coach Raybon, and Others)

Born on the Fourth of July:Let’s remember our coaches/leaders on this day
POSTED ON JULY 4, 2014 BY ANDY DURHAM….from GreensboroSports.com…..
(We go back and turn to the archives on this Special Day/Holiday.)

A big Happy Fourth of July to everyone and a big Happy Birthday to former Southeast Guilford and Eastern Guilford coach Bill Slayton today

Born on the Fourth of July, 83 years ago today, and Coach Slayton has been a mentor to many young men and women in and around Guilford County over the years…

Thanks Coach Slayton and we all hope you enjoy your 83rd birthday here on the 4th of July and let it be a day of some sort of rest, for Coach Slayton and his wife Darcy…

We really do need to remember all of our coaches and former coaches as they hit the later years with Coach Slayton at 83, Coach C.K Siler(Sumner/Southern Guilford) is getting up there, as is Coach Doug Henderson(Western Guilford), Coach Sandy Gann(Northwest Guilford), Coach Mike Raybon(Ragsdale), Coach Tommy Grayson(Eastern Guilford), Coach Marion Kirby(Page), Coach Mac Morris(Page), and Coach Richard Kemp(Ragsdale) are moving along too and we sure do need to remember all of our dedicated coaches and leaders from days past/days gone by….

Those coaches above left an indelible mark, which means to me, “They Will Never Be Forgotten”….We remember them today and say thanks for their service to the Guilford County Schools, and to the Guilford County school kids….Now gone, but again not forgotten, are Coach Slayton, Coach Kirby, Coach Siler, Coach Henderson, Coach Grayson, Coach Bill Hollifield(WG), Coach Kemp, and Coach Mike Raybon, who just passed away recently…….

Coach Weaver, Coach Price, Coach Kent, Coach Freddy Johnson and many others need to be listed on this day and every day as, the game of life goes on……This current group, with some still active, need to be remembered today too….

Today we really highlight Coach Bill Slayton for all he has done and meant to so many people over the years and we say Happy Birthday and ‘Born on the Fourth of July’…..
(Coach Slayton also served in the U.S. Military, so we thank him for that on this day too)….

***********Those coaches were Warriors, and let’s never forget what they did, as they did their best to make each athlete they coached, a better human being, and a better human servant…..***********

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