Join the Madness at! NCAA Pool Contest

Its that time of year again, March Madness is here. Join other readers and make out your brackets now!

The information you need to join the pool is listed below:

In order to join the game, go to the game front page and click on the “Join Group” button. When prompted, enter the following information:

Group ID#: 160272
Password: gatecity


Winner will receive dinner for two from’s Andy Durham! Andy will post the exact prize details in the comment box in the coming days. Good Luck from

8 thoughts on “Join the Madness at! NCAA Pool Contest

  1. Thanks for joining in on the Mad Marchness. This should be a lot of fun and enjoy the Tournament and don’t drink and drive.

  2. Dinner for two where? At Andys house? Hey Andy, what do you plan on cooking for me and April after I win? Chicken Alfredo sounds pretty good…

  3. The location of Andy’s house is a tightly guarded national secret. I doubt any prize will involve going to this location, rumored to be south of Greensboro near MLK Drive. I think a trip to GC or GP or maybe even IPD, will do just fine. By the way, the pool results are up through the first round – Marshall and Don lead the way so far. Good luck the rest of the way!

  4. Results through the First Round
    1 MarshallBrown 26
    2 Don 25
    2 Bruce 25
    2 Allowat 25
    5 chanharrison 24
    6 * ( me) 22

    Hmm, looks like I have some work to do.

  5. Results through the Second Record
    1 MarshallBrown 48
    2 Bruce 45
    3 Don’s Choices 43
    3 Allowat 43
    5 chanharrison 42
    6 * (me) 40

    Percy Walker asked he could submit his picks late but we told him only if he made a sizeable donation to Mr. Walker declined.

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