Greensboro Parks and Recreation City Football Championships

from Tuesday night over at Jaycee Park….

Pee Wee Championship Game:
Lewis Center 34
Peeler Center 0

Mite Championship Game:
Windsor Center 27
Lewis Center 6

*****Congratulations to all the kids that played in these games and good job by the coaches, that got their teams to this level…..*****

Lewis Center Panthers, what are the other nicknames of the teams, Peeler and Windsor?


  1. Great to see someone finally beat Lewis in the Mite League…..No one can touch them in the Peewee division! I wonder how many in a row the Lewis Peewee’s have won???

  2. Andy,
    Not to slight any other rec league programs, but it would be interesting to list how many ex-Lewis players are playing key roles on area high school teams now. Most are at Page, but they are really spread out among Northern, Grimsley, Western, and others. There are a ton of them.

  3. Former Lewis players in high school now:

    Tuc Phan
    J.D. Galyon
    Christian Cranford
    Ed Britt
    Shawn Workinger
    Kemp Young
    Blake Barefoot
    Jalen Gavin
    Andrew Lamore
    Devonte Hooker
    Brian Spain

    Jake Simpson

    Austin Proehl
    Andrew Schultz
    Travis Lee

    Mark Mitchell
    Tripp Dunn
    Brian Iddings
    Chris Ripburger

    The McCallie School (Tennessee)
    Carter Parham

    I have probably just touched the surface with the above list.

  4. Yeah, you guys always gave Lewis the props(even when Windsor was killing them) back when Coach Hayes was ruling pee wee leagues here in Grensboro. As I remember,he once coached an unscored on ,undefeated team in 1990. Most of his kids had great success in the high schools here in Guilford County and many went on to college and had the same similar success. Where or what is he doing now? I know ,Iplayed for him.

  5. Thanks to the former Lewis parent for the list of former players….That’s a great group of kids with a lot of talent…

  6. As I remember, coach Tom at Lewis Center coached an undefeated, unscored upon team in 2007

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