N.C. State slips past N.C. Central 65-60 and other ACC Men’s Basketball Scores

from www.theacc.com:

NC State 65, North Carolina Central 60
Raleigh, N.C.

Virginia Tech 73, Norfolk State 60
Blacksburg, Va.

Boston College 66, Stony Brook 51
Chestnut Hill, Mass.


  1. Even though NCCU and Norfolk State lost to VT and State, it shows that conferences such as the MEAC are fielding teams that are similar or equal to schools in the middle to lower part of conferences such as the ACC. Now that everybody plays on TV and schools like the MEAC are able to offer better schlarships packages, you are seeing a greater trend of good atheletes returning to the MEAC type of schools. If these games were played at MEAC schools instead of always having to go to the larger schools like VT, UNC or State, then you would see the MEAC mid to upper programs winning about 1/3 or more of these contest against the middle to lower portion of ACC schools. Programs such as the lady Aggies have already proven this to be true. Back in the 60’s, 70’s and early 80’s, the MEAC and CIAA type of conference would have won 50% or more of these matches if they had the opportunity to play home and home series. KIds do not want to sit the bench these days, so I would not be surprised to see these type of schools gaining on the larger conferences over the next 5 years and win their fair share for both men and women. This trend is also true with conferences such as the Southern and Big South.

  2. Stop with the MEAC stuff. Big programs schedule these guys around their exams, to stay somewhat fresh. The big guys treat the game like a scrimmage and certainly don’t give their best shot. Conversely, the MEAC schools treat these games like their national championship. No way that Central ever wins 33% of ACC games…..that’s just crazy talk. Take your moral victories and enjoy them…….just don’t be fooled by the score.

  3. Keep in mind….State is not even that good…….and the game with Central wasn’t even that close, not like the score may intimate. So you can’t beat an ACC bottom dweller…..certainly aren’t going to win 33% of the games.

  4. To Stop : You need to get off that high horse talk. The starting 5 from the higher teams in the MEAC can absolutely play with any middle to lower team in the ACC. The difference in the end is that you must go to your bench and you just get worning down throughout the game. You said that State does not take this serious because they are taking exams. The MEAC teams are college teams taking exams (while playing on the road) so that makes it even more impressive from my view. Plus, these same type of games occur in early/mid November. The MEAC type of conference will play these type of games often to take the pay out which can be $50 – $100k depending on the travel and school. If these schools had equal backing financially and could get the State and VT type of schools to play on their home floor, then yes you would be about 1/3 or more of these games going in favor of MEAC or Big South type schools. NCCU has been within 3-8 pts of a lot of schools such as State over the past 2 years playing exclusively on the road. Just look what almost happened with High Point University and the Wake Forest game last week. High Point could have won it on a 3 pt shot in the final minute. The bottomline is that the home crowd can make a 5-10 pt difference in any game and that could be the difference in the MEAC, Southern and Big South type schools getting 1/3 of these games if they could get them on their home floor. I would bet there are a lot of real ballers out there that would back up what I am saying.

  5. I agree that the schools in the MEAC,Big South and Southern Conferences are beginning to get more recognition in college basketball.
    Look at what Elon has done already this year.They beat South Carolina and Princeton.i agree with the statement that the starting 5 players are often comparable but when the bench becomes more of a factor then the ACC or SEC school gains a big advantage.Good luck to the Elon,s,NC Central’s, App State’s etc.

  6. First, lets not confuse the MEAC and Big South…..Central for example has just a 21% winning percentage vs. Big South alone.

    Second; depth, location, money, etc, can not be discounted when comparing teams. So the starting 5 are good……but if going the bench causes you to lose, that still counts……it’s a team game. Stop with all the woulda, coulda, and shoulda losses you have. Close doesn’t count.

    Finally……Central…..just using as example….holds a 15% winning percentage vs. D1….never ever won an ACC game…..and is only 50% in the MEAC alone. Stop will the “they’d win 33% of games in the ACC”.

    It’s fun to pull for the underdogs…..just don’t be misled by one game’s score in comparing MEAC and Big South to the big boys.

  7. I firmly believe that pretty much any team can beat any team in college basketball on any given night but over the long run a small conference is not going to consistently beat the big guys. I doubt the 33% number in the long run. i would put it more at a 5% if everyone played everyone.

  8. We would get excited when App would play Maryland, State or other ACC schools.
    We often came close to winning. I REMEMBER GOING UP TO MARYLAND AND LOSING 76-74.
    Any sport would not be as interesting to watch if the underdog did not win occasionally.
    How about the 1969 Super Bowl?
    How about the 1983 NCAA title game?
    How about our football win over Michigan in 2007?
    Did everybody on this site either go to a University from a power conference or do all of you gamble and only like to bet on “SURE THINGS”?

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