Tyler Zeller(UNC) 2nd Team All-America, Marshall third team, Barnes, Henson, Rivers, Mason Plumlee honorable mentions

Those from the the ACC that earned All-American status for 2012 include:Tyler Zeller(North Carolina) 2nd Team…..Kendall Marshall(North Carolina) 3rd Team….The list of honorable mentions include Harrison Barnes(North Carolina), John Heson(North Carolina), Mason Plumlee(Duke) and Austin Rivers(Duke)…..Also on the list is Matt Dickey from UNC-Asheville……Just about every name listed from the ACC, is looking to turn pro/go NBA……

Thomas from Kansas, Davis from Kentucky, Green from Michigan State, Sullinger from Ohio State and McDermott from Creighton are among the big names on the first team….

CLICK HERE to see all of the players and all of the teams….The News and Record was the only site to give us a good solid listing of who all was on the teams….WRALSportsFan and ESPN.com just had a write-up and did want to show us all the players on the different teams….When you Click above, you will see what you are looking for…..


  1. It is interested McDermott from Creighton made the first team but his old teammate Barnes only rec’d a honorable mention. Barnes was the high profile recruit out of college with McDermott fighting to get attention. Now – look. Based on what I saw from McDermott, he looks like the better lottery pick. It just shows that you never completely know who the best player will be in the end or down the road in a short couple of years.

  2. It is very interesting….Very interesting indeed…..Barnes did not seem to get better this year, but McDermott did….McDermott began to fly off the charts and Harrison Barnes really saw his career going in reverse this season….He backed away from being the ‘GO TO’ guy and let Zeller and Henson assume that role and in the last two weeks over the time when Henson was hurt, McAdoo was more of a ‘GO TO’ man than Barnes…….It is strange, but Barnes stock for the NBA has gone down and he will have a lot of work to do to be ‘The Man’ for whatever team that takes him in the draft…..As somebody was saying earlier today, Barnes was not even among the ‘Top Five’ players on his own team in the last month of the season…..

    5)Harrison Barnes…….and then Reggie Bullock was a close 5 1/2……….

    Very interesting…..Good kid, but going in the wrong direction and he might want to go ahead and get to the NBA as quick as he can, while some money is still on the table for him……If Barnes came back for next year and saw his game continue to slide, he could be in big trouble…..Might be much better off in the NBA, where at least if you game is off, you are still getting paid for it in the end on NBA payday…..

  3. He is, Like they use to say—– d u d l e y – dudley,dudley-dudley HIGH, just like ol smoke last year from dudley,

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