Tre Turner(Northwest Guilford HS) chooses Virginia Tech(with Video)

Tre Turner selected Virginia Tech over North Carolina and Florida State, as he made his choice for college football tonight, at the JP Looney’s in Oak Ridge….

Turner will join locals Hendon Hooker(Dudley HS) and Mook Reynolds(Northern Guilford HS) at Virginia Tech…

Tre Turner announces his decision in this video clip and Click On below to check it out….

Northwest Guilford head football coach Jared Rolfes with some questions for Tre Turner about how Virginia Tech won Tre over to the Hokies and what Tre’s other plans are for the future…
Click On Below for the video….

Part of the crowd at the Tre Turner signing…
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Sights and Sounds from the Virginia Tech announcement with Tre Turner at JP LooneysClick Below

The JP Looneys food is ready to steal the show at the Tre Turner announcement….
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  1. I have not cheered for an individual university when it came to college football, but Virginia Tech has invested in Guilford County. Happy Turner did not choose UNC.

    Congratulations to Tre Turner, a Peeler Center Football alumni

  2. Obviously VT has invested a lot of time in Guilford and helpfully it goes well for all of these guys to open even more doors for players that may be 3, 4 or 5+ years behind them. UNC clearly sees Charlotte as their primary recruiting hub in NC. I actually have no idea where NC State and Wake Forest focus their recruiting. Curiously where does NC State and Wake Forest seem to focus their efforts in NC? You would think a school such as NC State would have a bigger presents in Guilford Co. Wake should have a billboard up on Bryan Blvd, I-40, Cone Blvd & Friendly Center.

  3. N.C. State has Reggie Gallaspy(Southern Guilford) RB, Tre Meadows(Dudley) DB and they also picked up Bryson
    Speas(Dudley) OL…

    The Triad is not the major focus for N.C. State, but they still get their share….State’s main focus is the Triangle and Eastern North Carolina and the further East you get, you still have to battle hard vs. East Carolina, for the top football recruits…

    State has some roots in the Triad, but they still like to hit the Triangle-area hard…

    State over the years in the Triad with the Holts(Eastern Guilford), Ted Brown and Johnny Evans from High Point Andrews, and most of those guys will be in the N.C. State Sports Hall of Fame, plus you had Brian Williams(Southwest Guilford), Adrian Wilson from HP Andrews, Nathan Ritter from Andrews and more….

    VA Tech has found a nice space and when you get one kid, you go after their close friends, the ones they ball with in school and against each other, out of school….

    It is an interesting topic….Fuente the VA Tech coach is young, aggressive and he has his Hokies headed in the right direction and if they are willing and looking to upfield(vertical) with the ball, they will have some prime candidates looking at them, and that seems to be what is happening….

  4. Another name that falls into that Triad mode to N.C. State would be, DeMario Pressley, DL from Dudley HS.

    Pressley later went on to play for the New Orleans Saints…

    There have been a few….

  5. Good call on J. Morehead at N.C. State….I knew we left somebody out….

    I think he had pick in his first start at DB and made some plays for the defense last season….

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