Former MAGIC Radio Personality and PM Magazine Host Rod Davis has passed away

Rod Davis, the WMAG 99.5 MAGIC radio personality and WFMY PM Magazine host, passed away this morning/Wednesday morning…His death came due to cancer and he had a bout with a heart attack back on Monday….The word on Rod was he was right at 69-70 years old…Much talk on Facebook about his passing, especially some very insightful comments from his good friend, from his MAGIC radio days, Jim Scott…

Rod Davis, gone but not to be forgotten…Many years and more than one stay on MAGIC Radio/99.5 FM, as their afternoon drive host 3-7pm, and also as their morning drive co-host with Lora Songster, from 5-9am…Rod also hosted a very popular Saturday Night at the Oldies Show, on MAGIC radio, along with Bob Dayton…

Rod Davis was an emcee or host for just every event that one come through the Triad….He was out-going and he had that big smile and a voice that warmed up to everyone he would meet…Rod Davis was all about being a people-person, and he made a point of lifting other people up…..

Rod was on MAGIC Radio 99.5 in its heyday, back when Dick Harlow was the General Manager and when Bill Flynn was doing the morning drive shows…Rod Davis also radio work for WKZL/107.5, back when they were just starting to hit the market, say back in the late 70’/early 80’s and KZL had names like Rod Davis, JT Austin, Kitty Kinnin and others…Rod did his MAGIC radio stints, but he also held down the main radio chair at WHSL/Whistle 100(country music), WKSI/KISS Country/98.7, and WNEU/New Country and CAT Country/94.5 FM…

There was a period of time when Rod Davis was the Top Radio Jock/DJ in this Triad Market, and he held down that role for several years….

Rod Davis, at one time, was a BIG professional wrestling fan, and he made a number of appearances at the local wrestling shows, serving as the ring announcer, or as a foil to many of the wrestler’s antics…Rod spent time on the high school basketball courts, and he was known to have been in the tryouts for the team at Page High School, and Rod stood right at 6’6/6’7 and he was a man who could hold down the post with most of the local centers on the local high school scene, and we would have to go over and find the old Page coach Mac Morris, to get the full scoop on Rod, and his time with the Red and White, from Page High School…Rod moved down toward the coast of North Carolina, while still in high school, and the word has it he joined up with the high school basketball team, there in Brunswick County….

Rod was also related in some way or another to the Garson Rice family, from Rice Toyota, and the Rice family was a big N.C. State basketball family and Debbie Rice dated the big(7’4) N.C. State center Tommy Burleson, back when they were in college at N.C. State….Lots of connections with Rod Davis….

His mother Betty Davis used to be a waitress at the old Hayble’s Hearth restaurant on Spring Garden Street, so through his mom and her out-going personality, Rod Davis knew just about everybody in town(Greensboro), one way or another…

Rod Davis was all about getting the job done, and during his time here on earth, he did get the job done and he treated others the way that they needed to be treated…

RIP Rod Davis, and thanks for lifting others up while you walked and talked, during your time among us….
(The BIG MAN will be missed.)

Below a great WMAG Radio station tour, with our Tour Guide/Host, Rod Davis….

CLICK ON BELOW for the Rod Davis commercial voiceovers….


  1. There was a real good tribute on WFMY TV 2’s News at 5pm, but other than that, I did not see much on the local news about Rod’s passing, and I figured there would have been more…
    Eric Chilton led the tribute on WFMY TV 2, and he did a great job on it….He called Rod Davis, a “Radio Legend”, and that he was….

  2. My thoughts and prayers are with his family! Rod was always a friend to me and my Mom! He will never be forgotten in my heart!

  3. A remarkable larger than life personality. It was a pleasure to host local events and PM Magazine related segments with Rod on WFMY -TV. So very gifted! Condolences to family and fans. -MayCay Beeler

  4. Rod WAs One Hellva Guy. Always A Kin Word & always Glad To See You.It Was Always Great To See Him. Prayers For His Family. He will Be Miss. DJ TEDDYBEAR

  5. Rod Was One Of The Greats. Always A Kind Word. Always encourage you As A Friends.He Love Meeting People Always Telling A Great Story.He Truly Love His Family & Friend’s. I For One Will Miss Him. DJ TeddyBear

  6. Rod was a legend!!! Always a kind word! He hosted our Kenneth Scott Memorial Scholarship Sock Hop Fundraiser years ago. He was such a pleasure to work with. Pat and I enjoyed his stories, and how he never met a stranger while hosting this event to honor a Vietnam veteran, who was the only Chatham Central student to lose his life during this time. The Kenneth Scott Memorial Scholarship continues on in helping students with expenses for college. We are so thankful Rod was part of this. He will be greatly missed. Prayers to all. Pat and Linda Murrow

  7. He was a friend of mine, we had fun at the Ponderosa back in the day. I listened to him every day for years!

  8. Back in 1993 I met rod davis outside of the bank known as Wachovia he was a friendly person I can’t believe he’s gone I would listen to him on the radio ?

  9. When I relocated to HP from Raleigh in the early 80’s, Rod Davis was the area’s personality that caught my attention quickly. I remember seeing him in McPherson’s in Adam’s Farm and exchanging nods with him. He even dabbled in some Hollywood movie cameos I remember, but mostly he was a Triad staple. He will be missed by many here.

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