High School Football Tonight for a Wednesday(3/31/2021):Will there be a Reno Hightower sighting???[Game has been moved to Thursday night]

Here is the lineup for tonight/Wednesday night, and Northern Guilford QB Will Lenard, may have to pull off a Reno Hightower-type performance tonight, if this rain keeps coming at us…Reno Hightower, the QB in the movie, “The Best of Times”…Just in case you were saying, “Who in the heck is Reno Hightower”????? They say for these information nuggets to be successful, you shouldn’t have to explain them, but sometimes you do need to clear the air, for all intents and purposes….
(Kirk Russell played the part of Reno Hightower in the movie.)

Joe Sirera
@NGHSFB’s home game against @PersonRockets has been pushed back from tonight to 6:30 p.m. Thursday because of inclement weather. Because of required days off, that also likely pushes back @RockSolid_FB’s home game with Person from Saturday to Monday.

Person(2-2) at Northern Guilford(3-1) 6:30pm…..**********Game has been moved to Thursday night at 6:30pm…..**********


  1. “Reno Hightower” there is a blast from the past!! Where ever you see Reno Hightower, Jack Dundee is somewhere close by.
    Anyone under the age of 40 might need to do a minimum of 2 Google searches to know what you are talking about! Ha!!

  2. Yes Robin Williams and Kirk Russell made that movie really shine…And when Kid ? brought his umbrella to the game, nobody had a clue what that was about until the game got deep….The old man’s name was Kid something, and I think he might have been a boxer from the past…The name Kid ? was on the back of the man’s jacket……….

  3. Found the answer to my question….Kid was, Jack “Kid” Lester….But, we also learned this, Jack “Kid” Lester died in 1916 at the age of 26. Therefore he should not have been in Taft in 1986, but he was…He was at the game, when Reno hit Jack for the avenging/life-changing Touchdown….

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