High School Football Tonight in and around Guilford County(4/9/2021):Page at Grimsley playing on GreensboroSports Radio

High School Football Tonight, in and around Guilford County…..
(All games set to kick off at 7pm, unless otherwise noted.)

Page(0-6) at Grimsley(5-0)
Grimsley looking to finish regular season Unbeaten and Page looking for their first win of the season, in last game for each of these teams, in the Regular Season….Grimsley has scored 27 TD’s on the season, and that is in five games, and Page has scored 6 touchdowns on the season, and that has come in six games…Grimsley’s QB Alonza Barnett II can choose from Anthony Dunkins, Lawson Albright, Christian Tutuh, Tyson Resper, or Caleb Curtain…Most teams are lucky to have one or two key receivers, but Grimsley has five and they can all catch the big pass….RB Jeiel Melton is a very strong runner, and the Whirlies’ QB Barnett can run the ball too, so Grimsley is hitting on all cylinders on offense….The Page defense will have their hands full, trying to keep the Whirlies out of the end zone, and when it comes to Page getting into the end zone on offense, good luck trying to get there vs. Travis Shaw, Tamorye Thompson, plus Williamson, Burnette, Buckram and Allison at linebacker….The Grimsley DB’s act as a last line of defense, and sometimes they have to make their tackles by coming up to line and making plays….Page will have a chance to stay in this game, if they can eat up a lot of clock, when they have the ball on offense…Page needs to be studying that play clock and snap the ball on the 2-3 second mark….You may say Page needs to just go ahead and play full speed and go out and let the chips fall where they may…Not sure that is the way to go…..May need to go ahead and play the role of time killer and try to make sure that Grimsley does not control the Time of Possession in this football game…When Grimsley has the ball, there looks to be nothing but green grass standing between them and the end zone…For Page no need to be afraid, but being smart and being ready to play a wise game will be to their advantage….The Page QB Nick Williamson will be the key to the game for the Pirates….He will be in a position to control the ball and the clock…The big Grimsley scoreboard will be like a mirror, as Williamson looks at it and sees his future in that space…Game can be heard on GreensboroSports Radio, and we have carried lots of Grimsley-Page games from over the years and each one of them has had some memorable events, that stay with you for the years to come…Somebody is going to leave that place/Jamieson Stadium, very happy tonight…Game again can be there for you, on GreensboroSports Radio….6:30 pregame, and 7pm kickoff, on GreensboroSports Radio…

Western Alamance(6-0) at Northern Guilford(4-1)
Must win for Northern Guilford, and if the Nighthawks do not win this game, there is a very good and it could end up being bad chance, that NG does not make the playoffs this year….Big second half for Western Alamance vs. Eastern Alamance last Saturday afternoon, and Northern must make sure that they don’t let WA get in the big play mode tonight….NG needs to put pressure on the WA quarterback and make sure if they force him out of the pocket, that he doesn’t get outside and run away from them…Tough task for NG tonight, as WA really does appear to be the ‘cream of the crop’ in the Mid-State 3-A….NG needs to be ready to prove everyone wrong, tonight…

Southern Guilford(5-1) at Eastern Guilford(4-2)
The man to watch for in this game will be EG’s Hezekiah Newby, and he went off for 384 yards and 5 rushing TD’s in his last game, and he only played half of the game…If Southern can get their clamps on Newby, then they have to worry about EG QB Kamell Smith…This could be the last game of the year for the loser of this game, so there is so much on the line tonight down in Gibsonville…SG can win it if the Storm can get their passing game going….SG needs chunks of yardage, because that is how Newby looks and plans to get his…

Southwestern Randolph(3-2) at Southeast Guilford(5-1)
With the SEG running game behind Fairley and McQuitty, SEG should be able to win this game big and you may see them have the chance to go upstairs some with Fleming to Douglas and Benton….SEG is a talented bunch, but when it is all said and done, it all goes back to the SEG running game, and those strong Falcon offensive linemen up front…..

Northeast Guilford(0-6) at Person(2-3)
Coach Raynor and NEG are looking for a big road win to close out the season, and this would be one of those nights where you DO pull out all stops…NEG needs to let loose with everything they can unleash in this game, and not look back until this game is over…Nothing to lose vs. Person and NEG does not necessarily have to play real smart, they just need to play extremely hard….If they play their tails off, it could end up rewarding them immensely in the end, and I don’t mean the rear end, I mean the end of the football game….6:30pm Kickoff

Smith(0-6) at WS Parkland(1-4)
Smith has proven that they can score, and this would be one of those nights where the offense has to clicking enough to get them back up on that scoreboard, and the defense has to set a tone for all things that will come in the future…You might want to set/sit your teams, the offense and the defense apart in separate groups on the sidelines and have the two sides be in a sort of competition between themselves on this night…Be two totally different units that are challenging each other, and at the end of the game they can come together and say we won this game, as one overall Unit….Have the offense and defense compete on this night to see who can play the most important part in the overall outcome of this game….I can say this for the Smith defense, if they do not give up any points to Parkland, Smith will not lose this football game….

High Point Andrews(2-3) at Wheatmore(2-4)
Don’t see either one of these teams headed to playoffs so what do they have to play for??? They are playing for the Fall of 2021, and many of the seniors from both teams, could be playing in the last football game of their young lives…This has to be fun, and it has to be enduring too….You let your heart run hard and wild on a night like this….You may never find yourself on a field like this again….Lots to be thinking about, going into a game like this one….For many of these kids, this will be their Spring Break, Spring Prom, Graduation Night and Senior Fling, all rolled into one BIG NIGHT…..

Northwest Guilford(5-1) at Hoke County(2-4) 6pm
NWG found a game….The Vikings were supposed to be traveling to Cherokee tonight, but that game got cancelled….Now instead of heading to the mountains, the Vikings are headed to flatlands….Don’t know a thing about Hoke County, but we do know that Northwest Guilford is very talented and the Vikings are looking to be in the playoffs come next Friday night….But NWG must defeat Hoke County, or I don’t see that playoff game happening….NWG needs to decide if they need to establish the ground game(Cassetty) or the air game, with Micah Salmon to Dewayne Johnson, Cam Carter, Trent Cloud, Sowards, Sorrantos and others…Whatever they are giving you, you better take it and run, or pass…NWG needs to be sure that their offense is clicking and a final regular season game like this one, is designed to be a tuneup for the playoffs, and not a Final Exam….You are getting ready to enter the Exam period and not getting ready to exit the Exam process….Better be up, or you will coming home on a downer….

Scores from Thursday Night:
Varsity Football……
Final:Dudley 54, Western Guilford 7

Final:Ragsdale 42, High Point Central 35

Final:Mount Tabor 36, Southwest Guilford 13
Mount Tabor(7-0)/SWG(4-3)
Halftime:Mount Tabor 29, Southwest Guilford 13

Varsity Final:Reidsville 42, Bartlett Yancey 0

Varsity Final:Burlington Cummings 60, Graham 0

Varsity Final:Davie County 36, West Fosyth 35….Overtime
First loss of the season for West Forsyth….

JV Football…..
Final Score:Grimsley 54, Page 14
Grimsley goes Unbeaten(4-0) in the Metro 4-A Conference…..

8 thoughts on “High School Football Tonight in and around Guilford County(4/9/2021):Page at Grimsley playing on GreensboroSports Radio

  1. My only hope is we keep the foot on the accelerator through the whole game the way Page has done us in the years they were very strong. Don’t be whining about us running up the score. In years past Page just said it was a rivalry game so they did not let up. Well welcome to payback year Page. Go Whirlies!!

  2. Gfan…..this year it’s not the Grimsley Whirlies….it’s the Grimsley Pirates. Look at some of your top players and where they were last year. Either way, enjoy while you can…it won’t last.

  3. Lol 4 key players from Grimsley came from Page. Without them Grimsley would be average this year but carry one ?????

  4. Wow even Page JV is bad this year…Besides a new coaching staff for a reason, is Swann and Mendenhall now producing great talent anymore? I have faith that Page new coach will turn things around though

  5. @shocked …from the looks of it last season, Mendenhall did not have a very large team to begin with. As for Swann, the team was pretty big. You do have to take in account that everyone does not want to play for Page given their past few years when you have other schools that have Special Programs that kids get into and play for that school. Also, you see that Grimsley has multiple players that left Page. Something to think about.

  6. Well those kids left due to the previous coach, kind of messed up they did not even give the new coach a chance but aye things happens I guess

  7. smh kids so quick to transfer nowadays time for some new rules set into place, maybe something like college, probably not the whole season but at least half the season sit out if no legitimate reason for leaving like moving.

  8. @panterpride….I hear you and tend to agree on one hand…but also understand where some want to go where they “feel” will help them. As long as the rules are followed….I get it. Also, not implying any of the young men that transferred didn’t follow the rules, I’m sure they did and good for them. The part that is irritating, are some fans that have such a hatred for Page (or other schools) they have nothing good to say. We’re talking 15-18 year olds and high school football.

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