I’m just saying, It’s Time to get Playing and you can get ACC Men’s Basketball Tournament Tickets for $2.00/Thursday Game Tickets going for $5.00 each

Good tickets are still available for Today’s games, and this is the Real Good News coming in from ESPN.com, on the ACC Men’s Basketball Tournament, at the Greensboro Coliseum…Parking might cost you 20-25 dollars, but the Ticket Prices are not bad at all…$2.00 Tickets, and come and get them…At ESPN.com…You could park your car somewhere down the street, or walk in from your home…But to get in there, you can still get into today’s games, for $2.00…..Yesterday/Tuesday, tickets were listed for $4.00, and today you can get them for just $2.00….

**********Thursday Game Tickets going for $5.00 each**********

Wake Forest vs. Syracuse at 12 Noon Tickets available for $2.00 each
Georgia Tech vs. Pittsburgh at 2:30pm Tickets available for $2.00 each

from ESPN.com:
Upper Level 237 • Row B

Upper Level 222 • Row L

Upper Level 222 • Row W

Upper Level 220 • Row R

Upper Level 219 • Row W

Upper Level 222 • Row R

Upper Level 202 • Row W

and there’s more, just go to ESPN.com for the details under Men’s College Basketball…Go to the ACC games….

This used to be the “Toughest Ticket in Town”, but that was before all of the Conference changes began going down…No more ACC games on local TV, no more players that we can identify with, because they are usually not at the colleges, but for only one or two years…One and Dones, and some are here for just one year, because they arrived due to the transfer portals…

Maybe the ACC or something like the old ACC would not be such a bad idea…State, Carolina, Duke, Wake Forest, Virginia, Clemson, and bring back a couple of other teams, and go with the old eight-team league…

The demand for this current ACC Basketball is not what it used to be, but everything is changing, and is it for the better?????

What about the days when you could watch Bill Chambers(UNC), Rusty Larue(Wake Forest), Cameron Bennerman(N.C. State), Fred Lind(Duke) and others that you actually knew, and knew where they were coming in from…Not the case today…

But that is PROGRESS right???

Was it PROGRESS when the ACC announced that they were going to be pulling up stakes, and moving their offices to Charlotte, N.C.??? I guess so, and we are supposed to stand back, and cheer on these moves right??? That is what they tell us, and by now, all we can do is take what they are now giving us, and it is not much these days brothers and sisters…

You may need to refer back to the Radio Chart that I laid out for you guys and gals yesterday, that is if you want to catch any of the games this time around…$2.00 Tickets, but $20.00 to $25.00 parking fees, and if this is the case, they may want to reinstate Legalized Hitchhiking, within the Greensboro City Limits..

Just a few things to chew on, around the Lunch Hour, on this Wednesday afternoon…

7 thoughts on “I’m just saying, It’s Time to get Playing and you can get ACC Men’s Basketball Tournament Tickets for $2.00/Thursday Game Tickets going for $5.00 each

  1. North Carolina-Boston College tickets were at $21.00 each earlier today, and now they are down to just $16.00 each…

    Same for N.C. State-VA Tech, now available for just $16.00 each…Go to ESPN.com…NCAA Men’s College Basketball…

  2. I remember back in the 1980s when there were 8 teams and only 16,000 seats. Demand for the tournament was HUGE. Now there are 15 teams and over 22,000 seats.

    It’s a simple formula: Too much supply for too little demand. Near meaningless conference championships + many fans who don’t know the players, + parking at the coliseum @$25 = lots of empty seats.

  3. For Guilford County residents to have to pay to park at the Coliseum is ridiculous. Pretty sure our tax dollars have, at one time or another, supported the Coliseum in one way or another. I’m not saying we should not pay anything but definitely should be a reduced rate.
    Too bad the 1/4 cent sales tax was not passed to help with the school bonds for construction and improvements.
    These events would have surely helped with that.

  4. The problem is that most ACC Tournament Ticket Holders don’t have a way to dispose of their tickets when they don’t use them – thus empty stands with a Sell Out.

  5. Tickets available Today/Thursday for the Wake Forest-Miami game for a low as $5.00…

    Tickets for the Duke-Pitt game going for $5.00 too…

    Head over to ESPN.com and the ACC Schedule page for more details…

    Get ’em while they are still HOT…

  6. Seems like a good idea to buy up a load of those Five Dollar tickets and then head over to the Coliseum and sell them to the late arrivers for a nice profit.

    Set up shop across the street and make a little spending money. At 20 or 25 dollars a pop you could make some nice side street money.

  7. They need to have Duke or North Carolina in the finals and if they don’t have the Heels or Blue Devils in the final game, that place which is the Greensboro Coliseum, will look like Blackbeard’s Tomb come Championship Saturday.

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